Behold: The Ultimate Crowdsourced Map of Punny Businesses in America

Anyway, very easy for us to Monday monring qb this, love the original idea and obviously it is sparking a lot of thought. As someone from Alabama, I believe Sak’s is appropriate for us. This is an opportunity to educate the country that we have businesses other than those related to football, fishin’, and religion. It seems I am coming to this discussion late. But Tudor’s/Gino’s is really only known in the southern half of the state.

  • Lexmark is a non-sequitur for Kentucky as is AOL for Virginia.
  • I just don’t see how Microsoft wouldn’t easily be the winner here.
  • If you question McCormick, then you have never been near the plant here on the day they process cinnamon or garlic powder.
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I believe the heiress to the company lives/lived in Newport Rhode Island in a big mansion, though. I think Johnson & Johnson is the most well known NJ brand with the biggest global reach. I’ve lived here for 15+ years and never heard anyone say Geico as a Maryland company. Pssst…McCormick & Co. didn’t invent Old Bay. It was created by and for decades made by a much smaller rival, the Baltimore Spice Company, which McCormick purchased sometime in the 1990s. They make racing tires, but outside of racing it’s not a well known brand.

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Click and drag on the surrounding map area if you need to move the popup window. You can zoom in and out, select a company marker to view information about a particular company, and search for companies by name. Probably the biggest and most well known company we have. Got some suggestions for Michigan for a possible future map. This would be an easier exercise if we knew what the map is supposed to be of. It is titled “corporate states,” but the emphasis is on brands, not corporations. If this were titled “Most Famous Brand from Each State,” the task would be simpler.

As none of the Asha series phones had GPS, positioning was done by Cell ID of the cellular network or by using the Wi-Fi positioning system. An exception was the Nokia 2710 Navigation Edition, which was an S40 phone with GPS and full turn by turn voice navigation.

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I can’t imagine getting that thrilled over car insurance. GE’s corporate headquarters are indeed in Connecticut, as shown on the map. I too think Macy’s would have been a better choice for New York State; however, as it’s the largest wireless provider in the country, there’s plenty of justification for choosing Verizon. Cutter & Buck is a premium sportswear company based in Seattle. They have evolved from a niche-specialty brand to a global lifestyle brand worth almost $120 million in the past 20 years. The company also provides comfortable clothing for employees and event promotion. Their products are available worldwide in golf pro shops, sports fan shops, resorts, specialty retailers, and through premium promotional product distributors.

US companies on maps

Yellow must be your favorite color, cause we are all Green in Illinois and around the world. Laurie Constantino is correct to say that “Carrs is dead dotbig forex broker in all but name” since Safeway bought out the Carr family. I still thought that picking Carrs was apt since it indicated a good job of research.

This map is composed of thousands of map pointers representing individual ESOP companies. When you first load the page, you will see groups of companies represented as circular clusters, with a number in the center of each circle denoting the number of dotbig forex broker companies in that region. Click to zoom in and drill down to that region . When you see individual pointers, you can hover over a pointer to see company names and locations or click a pointer to pop up a company’s name, NAICS industry code, and sector.


Started in Alaska, tho now headquartered in Seattle, Alaska Airlines continues to be an essential-and in many instances the only- air carrier in Alaska. It continues to give Alaskans special discounts and deals. Xerox has the same issue as General Electric, while Cigna is pretty low-profile. Aetna might be a good choice, as would Stanley Black & Decker.

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They’re just as recognizable, known nationally, and a much larger company as well. While Sonic is a good representation of OK as far as national brand recognition goes, I think QuikTrip would be a better pick. I was so excited to move back to OK from Texas simply because I missed QT so much!! QT is a convenience store oasis in a desert of crappy Kum-n-Gos and 7/11s.

They used ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ in a commercial several years ago, and somebody took them to task over it, and the result was that they were going for a ‘generically southern fried chicken’. Country, yes, but I wouldn’t call it southern. I’ll keep some of your suggestions in mind for a future map. Also… 7-11 did start in texas and holds the record for the most franchise locations world wide. I would think that beats Dr. Pepper any day. How could you pick Pillsbury for Minnesota?


I’d nominate that one, although not many people know it began in Kansas. To tell you the truth, the map does indeed reflect my personal dotbig testimonials biases. I made it for fun, and I never thought it would be so popular and discussed. I suppose that’s the power of the Internet.

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