Graphics Designer

David Mubasu.

Basuu is the brand and business name of myself – David Mubasu.

Having close to five years of design experience, am inspired by minimalism. I pride myself in readiness to do all it takes to create brands. Am passionate & devoted to discovering more effective, simple and minimal ways to communicate through design with my clients target markets. This means constantly going beyond the expected by digging, probing, learning and experimenting with alternative simple solutions. Simplicity is my hallmark in delivering design solutions.

I work with clients of all sizes and from various sectors and I aim to form long term business relationships with all my clients, offering design work that will deliver over and above expectations.

I am also fortunate enough to work with a team of highly talented and trusted suppliers and collaborators, allowing me to produce work across various mediums.

In a fast moving world, change is inevitable.

That's Why I Do It


To assist my clients to build strong and trustworthy brands with unique identities through simplicity and consistency.


To be the leading studio at the forefront of preserving the environment through providing simple solutions to complex design problems and fusing graphic design with Environmental Intelligence (EI) as a
response to the environmental challenge.

At a Glance

Studio Basuu

Every idea, goes the adage, starts with a problem. Mine was simple: I started Studio Basuu to fuse design with Environmental Intelligence(EI). Studio Basuu is the Green Studio. As a graphic designer, I am acutely aware that the design industry is a key consumer of paper and paper products, leading in no small way to the depletion of trees as a natural resource. Studio Basuu goes beyond design by championing environmental preservation: we plant a tree for every design project we handle, while partnering with conservationists and non-profits to fund conservation activities. 30% of the proceeds from every design project goes directly to this cause. My work is focused around two ambitious goals: top drawer graphic design and preserving the environment, with people at the centre of it all. By integrating these two seemingly unrelated concepts, I find that I am better able to leverage my skill set and direct all my resources towards this cause.

If we all do a little, we can do a lot.

My Expertise


Strategically creating and advancing identities, visual systems, and brand experiences.

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